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Internet of things (IOT) is the network of physical devices, vehicles, home-appliances and other items embedded with electronics, software, sensors, actuators, and connectivity which enables these things to connect and exchange data, creating opportunities for more direct integration of the physical world.

SnkTech is working to bring the study, knowledge, and overview of the IOT devices to community centers, after school programs, schools, and developing nations. Technology is emerging faster than ever and children in culturally diverse and low-income families don't have awareness of open-source and the maker movements. 

Using an opinionated curriculum focused on entrepreneurship, using social construction projects to build confidence in self, and build relationships with their group members.  We plant the seed of an entrepreneurial mindset towards developing, programming and designing IOT devices to solve problems from their perspectives for people in their communities, cities, states, and nations.


Technology which you can control

Electronic Circuit
Electrical engineer working on circuit b

IOT Products & Education

Working to bring you the most efficient way of learning IOT product design and management

IOT Education Curriculums

Learn about using electricity, microcontrollers, sensors to enable data collection for things that talk to the Internet. 

Audio Visual installations 

Thankfully supported by Loyal customers to whom we provide insured commercial Audio Video Services.

Austin Arduino Microcontroller Meetup Sponser

Always looking towards the opportunities ahead not those left behind.  Join us to learn about IOT devices & more.


About the Company

SnKTech is short fo Stacie and Karlos Technologies

We are husband and wife team who operate SnKTech, LLC as our way to earn income that is used to provide IOT education services, host MakerFaire events, and share knowledge regarding creating your own opportunities in life.

We seek to maximize the potential in students through challenging, attainable goals that push boundaries. SnkTech’s goals is to simplify the process of learning technology. Using a version of the ADKAR principle, we make students: Aware of Why the change is happening, Desire to understand, learn and embrace the new technology, Provide knowledge of the subject matter and ensure each student has the abilities required before moving to the next level. Reinforcement to help the student build habits that will last beyond the course.

Looking forward to making 2020 the most productive year ever!


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